Famous People Cooltom199 Has Met

Yo cooltom199 ere

I thought I might tell you lots of famous people I have met around Club Penguin. I have been playing club penguin for 1001 days and I thought it would be great for you to see who I have met over the past 3 years. So I will start with NPC [NonPlayer Character]

The most easiest to find Rockhopper:

Me and Rockhopper

And the penguin band:

Penguin Band

Some harder NPC’s to find like Cadence:

Me and Cadence

Gary the Agent Guy:

Me and Gary

Also the Sensei:

Me and Sensi

And Aunt Artic:

Me and Aunt Artic

So thats all the NPC’s:

And now for the actual players:

Mimo777 [Orange and Aqua]

Me and Mimo777Me and Mimo777 Aqua

Also I met snowbossi:


And my proudest moments when I met billybob


I met all of these on empty servers thats why not alot of people are there.


7 Responses to Famous People Cooltom199 Has Met

  1. Clb3558 says:

    Uh Whats up with Petey K???? Plz reply

  2. I was looking for haircut related products this was good

  3. honeydew365 says:

    petey k said a bad word!!!! wat the heck???

  4. hunter says:

    hi im cooltom i like Billybob

  5. fgertge says:

    peterk said a bad word. wat the?

  6. Nicoleee x says:

    how did u find them and meet them?

  7. ******$****** says:

    you are using penguin storm 12 cause i did the same thing

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