Famous Penguins I met

Hiya ; I´ve met a lot of famous penguins and  I will show you all the pic i have took of famous pengs I met



Aunt Arctic:


Vital Viper:

Wwe Adam:

Rockhopper :

Phat Fano :

Dude19 :

Pinklicious :



Little Wolf :


Big Red:

Penguin100 aka Chewy Pup:


Ice Drills:





Snow Dobby:


Friends Plz aka Mohd222:



man101 awesomebeta

Samy aka Mohd222












Vader2006 aka Gizmo


Note : This page will update when I meet famous penguins again

Last updated on 19/02/2009



102 Responses to Famous Penguins I met

  1. clubpenguinlepraconcheats says:

    Howdid u find those

  2. clubpenguinlepraconcheats says:

    Howdid u find those

  3. snowbossi says:

    I met them on different servers :O

  4. cody156789 says:

    lol i was in the dude19 pic

  5. pinkstercp says:

    fever is the one with Phat Fano.

  6. lol, Almost all of them are my buddy!!!

  7. RynoZodiac says:

    Nice list! Maybe someday you’ll find me on Club Penguin.

  8. Mike 92 says:

    hey yo why aint i on there

  9. hey cool i am in a pic

  10. braveboy124 says:

    l0l you didnt meet me L0L!

  11. Dadman6543 says:


  12. strancp says:

    I use to be Aguairs buddy and cabluey and Greendays buddy and Jc4x4 and last month Wwe Adam but chewy removed me :\ cause he got Wwe’s penguin I think
    And I was Penguin100’s buddy and still is!
    I think unless he removed me >.<

  13. dude15111 says:

    Hey i met G hes on grizzly in the mad scientist place go now!!

  14. clubpenguin71 says:

    Awesome Website!!!

    please check out my site

    its http://www.clubpenguin71.wordpress.com

  15. darknerr says:

    wow cool page! I met three Betas! The betas i met were Greenday,Coco, and Kellym.(Kellym is my buddy :))

  16. Holie100 says:

    They are just random peoeple i could easly so that i have meet rock hopper before though and i have meet the perosn ?????

  17. chasey12345 says:

    fever is my buddy as well as greenday

  18. flocktopus says:

    Snowbossi and Coco are my buddies. I also have Yoppls and I accidentally took off Starbucks.

  19. stroodle2 says:

    I know Man101’s chat place! (not actually Man101, its actually Mindyellie) and shes a frend of mine! i can’t tell the chat cuz i’ll get in trouble if i do.

  20. icebuggy1 says:

    snowbossi ur my buddy!!!! I met man 101, fever, snowdobby, andreasmich, bikeboy, wwe adam, and cabluey all on frozen at the same place and time (not snowbossi but the others)

  21. icebuggy1 says:

    it was funny ppl were like plz add me everyone!!! and cabluey said he was making a video, so everone was like click me cabluey!!! ahhhhhh old times ( sorry )

  22. Penguineddy1 says:

    the picture you got of fever, was same time he was making a video! I seen the video

  23. arbawi 98 says:

    hey uhhhh where did u find those guys? can u tell me? 😀

  24. jwentworth8 says:

    i saw my self im jwentworth im in the pic with snow dobby

  25. cpfan123 says:

    hey have u added cutiecat27 shes sorta famous and she has a rlly cool blog so u should add her shes a great person

  26. krgoni says:

    you haven’t met WOTON yet!
    Because I have! lol


    Snowbossi: I met woton, he is my friend . He isnt that famous

  27. Pink Enough says:

    Not to be rude but why are they famous?

  28. candle234 says:

    they are famous because they own a cheat site it is very hard to become famous and also visit my site at http://www.candle2345.webs.com ok

  29. chengyong says:

    hey don’t forget me!

  30. jake says:

    i know big red in person

  31. cooltom199 (not logged in) says:

    I met gizzmo

  32. 412mark412 says:

    u have met me and ojoc but u havent put us on the list 😦

  33. chengyong says:

    where is me?

  34. angelatcp says:

    hey i anit on there im suppose to. i anit on there because im new to this famouse penguin

  35. Pitchy1098 says:

    Hi There!
    First off, now offence but Fever accepts pretty much everyone he meets to be his buddy! Hence the fact that I am his buddy.
    Second off, most of those people are rare and well done!

  36. sammy9435 says:

    I never heard of many of these penguin. I said MANY not all.

  37. Blueicedude says:

    where did you find fever!?!?!

  38. Darthpuckie says:

    Aint i famous 😆

  39. Grumpydrawer says:

    TELL ME HOW ARE THEY FAMOUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Pinky12213 says:

    How Do U Get Famous On ClubPenguin???????/

  41. blackjt222 says:

    i met 4 betas and two famous penguins.
    there names are i don’t know the first one,second,fano,
    third,coco,and fourth,shadow727. betas 🙂
    2famous penguins are lux1200 and rock beta:)

  42. man101 says:

    you put me onignore list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but meet me penguins in the plaza 6 o clock tomorrow

  43. cp56passwords says:

    i am famous paintboy100

  44. cooco9 says:

    I dont even know some of these penguins but who cares. You rock snowbossi!!!

  45. Knuckles5284 says:

    Hey, Snowbossi its me Knuckles5284 remember me? I am you Best buddy and I know your my BFF

  46. Knuckles5284 says:

    Hey Snowbossi tommorow saturday January 24 2009 go to Coffee shop on flippers

  47. Knuckles5284 says:

    REMEMBER, saturday january 24 2009 coffee shop flippers penguin time 1:00. YOU ROCK SNOWBOSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Fever says:

    yo its Fever here and I was at picture

  49. peglelgight says:

    Have u seen Papril yet or i might of seen u!!!!!

  50. baller15 says:

    Cool i met jeremy too!!!and a whole buch of those ppl!!

  51. Clone 787 says:

    i was there for some of them but the player card was in the way

  52. Darknerr69 says:

    I gave credit to you. I completely forgot! Sorry…

  53. makee3 says:

    Cool Page!


  54. ashleym10 says:

    i met billy bob once!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. mrplough says:

    ive met bikeboy93, cocoand vader2006 on that list

  56. Superman says:

    LoL , man ! your so cool I know all these people in Real Life Except for the Ones that come from Greece


  57. sparkylr says:

    I see you met all these famous people! These are not famous you are just making them up so people think you have met all famous people! I see that Mrtrop is not on there or Papril or Benato or Eragon! These are all mega famous! And my buddies! 😀

  58. Mrtrop says:

    I see that I am not on this site of yours! You don’t KNOW how famous I am! peeps every day askin me to be their buds


  59. ©Snowy©™ says:

    Dude , they are more famous than me ! They have the Best Cheats Sites !

  60. lava95 says:

    Hey person who owns this blog whats your penguin name -stickyellow5

  61. Spark839 says:

    Who are half of these people?

  62. fantom06 says:


  63. fantom06 says:

    i dont see gizmo on the list?

  64. funny boy167 says:

    i have a blog nobody goes on it its funnyboycpcheats.blogspot.com please visit my blog and help me find another thing to post waddle on! oh and happy77 i bet is not that famous first of all shes a girl but billybob gizmo rsnail and stuf they are famous billybob is most famous

  65. funny boy167 says:

    oh and i herd rockhopper is a moderator

  66. Penguin01 says:

    If you meet a penguin called Test Version, ADD HIM!
    He is screenhog’s Personal Robot, at least I think He’s Robot.
    He tends to talk To the screen a lot.

  67. sparkylr says:

    Are you Cbills that person

  68. lego pizza says:

    can i meet you on club penguin on 5/10/09 at 1:00

  69. arrrgh1 says:

    ur missing lots of ppl
    the beta in the pic of vital viper
    the betas in cocos beta surfer
    and it goes on…
    hope this helps

  70. arrrgh1 says:

    vader is mean
    he/she called me a idiot and ignored me

  71. Penguin Band says:

    You have not met the Penguin Band that is me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Phat Enzo says:

    Wow I was on today!!

  73. Rsnail says:

    Wow!! You sure didn’t meet me!!

  74. Stickyellow5 says:

    Hi… hows it goin?

  75. Littlemisscp37554 says:

    Hey you forgot about Ojo365, shes famous aswell! I met her and she gave me a secret background, we followed her around… She mainly hangs around on Abominable or Vanilla. And if you can be her friend she gives you a pin and background. If you find her plz say. Thnx

  76. Rsnail says:

    Hey wats up rsnail here is u have met me before my name is rsnail not rocksnail because i have had complains that i delete people for no good reason.Just to let u know my buddy list is special i can have as many buddy’s as i want .Well i did invent clubpenguin

  77. Rsnail says:

    Hey wats up rsnail here u have met me before my name is rsnail not rocksnail because i have had complains that i delete people for no good reason.Just to let u know my buddy list is special i can have as many buddy’s as i want .Well i did invent clubpenguin

  78. Luna234 says:

    woop put me on there hahahahhaha

  79. diesel says:


  80. Haz123 says:

    Hey I met Fever!

  81. Steven says:

    I’ve been told there’s another famous penguin that moves from place to place called, thedoctor! Hardly anybody has seen him!

  82. TOTTO says:

    i have on my buddylist to BILLYBOB

  83. emily rule says:

    kool it be awsome if i was famous! i have also met kyogre
    im his buddy and im in his video on you tube called
    music jam interview (with three people)

  84. ellacannon says:

    I’m famous, I’m horrid 123 but u haven’t met me. I could edit a pic of you meeting me
    Thanks, and YOU ROCK!

  85. Ds Boy 1 says:

    I found 2 betas in the same place: helen2k5 and zipi23, don’t believe me?

  86. mewtwo123 says:

    hey james and snow dobby nd fever added me yestrday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  87. harryroxy123 says:

    Rockhopper in the Dojo WOOOO

  88. cottonfuzz3 says:

    awww man u forgot gary the gadget guy anyways i met him! yay me!

  89. Dalek Sek says:

    Hey I met Fever 2!!!

    It was like a year ago!!!!!!!!!
    Your so lucky to meet ALL those betas!

  90. recklessjr says:

    Hey! You forgot to meet me!

  91. avatar133 says:

    how did you meet rockhopper?

  92. recklessjr says:

    I met Spook Kun, Cheeseq, Rockhopper, Petey K, and Stompin Bob. I’m even famous myself.

  93. cool man843 says:

    im famous and i wuz suppose to be on there

  94. Sledbud says:

    see my videos on youtube. and i meet sensei, cadence, penguin band, aunt artic, gary, natchuz rules,happy77,gizmo and rsnail

  95. Midnitesnow says:

    awesome list

  96. blah says:

    wheres me??!?!? im soo freekin famous on it! my mom works for cp and im sooo freeeking rare! today i check and im 3,009 days old!!! how come im not up there?

  97. shico says:

    half of them are my buddies

  98. toastinator says:

    thats a lot of famus plp but i have the best one of all BILLYBOB yep thats right BILLYBOB no lie he is on my frieds list and if you see me my penguins name is toastinator so later

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