*Donators[Must See]

This Page is ONLY dedicated to the ones that donated me things … Such as Xats/Days , WordPress Credits , Coin Codes , Etc.

You can find me at my chat , http://xat.com/snowbossitv

You can Contact me per Aim my Screen Name is Snowbossicp and my msn is : xxw_player@hotmail.de

If you wanna donate me stuff send me a Email to snowcp@gmail.com , and if you are gonna donate WordPress Credits send it to the Username ” Snowbossi ” when others are impersonating me don’t trust them !

So here are my Donator/s

Lil Suad : Lil Suad gave me 150Xats on Xat , since he Donated me Xats he will be on Snowbossi’s Blogroll and Buddy List Forever .





Blowsight10: Blowsight10 gave me 100 xats . Since she gave me Xats she will be on my Blogroll and will be on my Buddy List Forever .





Rabo4: Rabo4 Donated me 150 Xats . Since he Donated me 150 he will be Subscribed by me and will be on my Blogroll forever



Subscribe to him !


Tylor K1 Donated me 137xats, since he donated me Xats and Days he will be on Snowbossi’s Buddy List Forever and Blogroll Forever .





Bmxr11 Donated me a Coin Code since he donated me a Coin Code he will be on Snowbossi’s Buddy List Forever and Blogroll Forever .



~More Coming Soon ! ~

Thank You for Trying to Help



30 Responses to *Donators[Must See]

  1. lilsuad says:

    Wooot thats meh 🙂

  2. Tylor K1 says:

    woot Its Me Too Snowy Add Me To Your Donators Blog Roll Forgot?

  3. Mattttttt says:

    I donated 80 xats to you, and 50 to Loki.

  4. Joradx says:

    i donated a penguin to you Snow

  5. Joradx says:

    what about me

  6. imran99 says:

    snowy can i donate a penguin to u? im gonna donate cos u rock! just tell me ur email and ill tell u the pass

  7. Double Mvp says:

    Hey Snowbossi. Soon, i am gonna get a membership. Can i donate it to you? Well, if I decide to donate it, i wanna be on your blogroll! Thanks!

    ~Double Mvp~

  8. lilsuad says:

    thinks dude

  9. geordie 09 says:

    mint penguins evryone!!!

  10. Shinydeoxys says:

    I’ll donate a coin code.

    shinydeoxys.wordpress. com

  11. jorjeea says:

    I gave u cp creds 😛 lol (i ask myself y :P?)

  12. Zengrong says:

    The prizes for the coin code is not enough and not fun at all.

  13. Tosty55 says:

    send me a toy code pplz davidtimma@gmail.com

  14. BILLYBOB says:

    my password is kick ass

  15. jorjeea says:


  16. lookb5 says:

    hi snowbossi um i was ust wondering never mind u woulud never say yes

  17. Shane says:

    can you put me on there

  18. Shane says:

    can you plz put my penguin on there plz 🙂

  19. Shane says:

    can you put me on there thanks 8) 🙂

  20. rayray says:

    lol i wish i would be there 😀

  21. jalen says:

    u should tell us the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Carl says:

    can you put me pn that thinge i sent you a email

  23. ttrfun says:

    hey guys plz plz plz plz give me a clubpenguin series 1 code and i will give u a cp account

  24. ttrfun says:

    guys plz give me a club penguin code at trentraymond@ymail.com and i will give u a penguin with the stuff i got on there

  25. ttrfun says:

    ps.it dosent have a lot of stuff but i will add some backrounds. sorry guys. u can add stuff too it,but iam really sorry

  26. ttrfun says:

    dealls of

  27. cassidy75411 says:

    I’m going to donate you a coin code when I have enough money, and do you want to get a puffle or clothes? Puffles are $5.00 and penguins are $10.00

  28. cassidy75411 says:

    and my cp name is not cassid-y75411 thats my sisters.

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