Coco’s Beta Surfer

Hello guys i just got back from a hacked holiday uhhh theres a new beta in town StuartPutT!

Hes not fake



Wow this is cool.I just posted about two beta’s, coco and man101 but you’ll never guess all the Fano’s came along.Fano,Sith sith,starbucks and Phat fano wow 7  betas. There are loads of people   there but its sooo cool.If you missed it your very unlucky.

I have some more pics fano-party



And actually 8 betas were there because greenday came for about 6 minutes

It was a very amazing party and it was jam packed

it was all at gasniers iggy


Hi its me Jimjam.Me and coco were having a race to see who could post first lol.The party was at sleet cove.Man101 was there and coco.It was very fun and was worth going.


Yo,its coco here i just wanted to say hello and 2 betas added me

gronnie and Kellym

so i gotta go get pizza so bye


Hi, its me Jimjam agian.Greenday came on wearing just beta hat and shamrock pin.He was on for 5 min’s and he was on snowflake. Jimjam1997grennday-all-the-way

Hi, I’m new to cocos beta surf, but from now on, I will be helping coco to find betas. My penguin is Jimjam1997, so if you see me, I will be more then happy to have a conversation. Some of you may know me from my old blog Beta watch cp. I will try and post as much as possible. If you want to meet me I’m always on Frozen, mainly at the dock. I’m on club penguin a lot so hopefully I’ll help coco find some betas.     Jimjam1997


Hey guyz!!!
i made a game for you

The link is here

so have fun


Hello fellow beta lovers!,

I would like to happily report that Jedi got his pengy back!

so trivial and happy.

I would also like to show you just a few of my beta buds!betas1

Thats a whole lota beta hats!

i would also like to say ill be having a party!!!

ill tell you when tomorrow

if i can ill get fano to come

and ill also try to get jedi to come so

a 4 beta party!!!!

Well ggood tidings


POST#6 Well guys to be honest im not in the best mood.

see,Jedi got hacked His pass stolen.

so if you see jedi on scream “BOO” and “GET OFF COCO YOU THIEF” and stuff like that.

Im sorry i have not posted for a couple days and i know this is short but im just ZOMGed

so Beon ji usd!


POST#5 Hello friends,today i want to show you some cool pics and storys for ya!

We had fun with jedi

SO we were at the dojo


And then i played some cards with him


He had a purple belt! i only have a blue.

Than guess who won?a-win

That round he won a brown belt which he showed us!


So than we chillaxed at the dojo court yard,it got pretty crowded


Then towncrrrrrowd

Then the snow fortcrowd

Then he had to go

Thats all for today


_POST#4Hello! im gonna tell you bout a lil penguin called Alix1232



Cool so hes an awesome beta wehich you might know him as ALI thats right,see he had to change his name so he picked alix

So thats all for today


POST # 3_Hello again guys,i thought id do a post about me\

well then ok

Heres a pic of me and my best friend Habs no1 ,if you see him on cp say hello! hes an awesome person!


heres my player card with a beta hat in inventory

Lol also i wanted to say that i am 1229 days old

me in real life i am 15.

i enjoy going to the mall with my friends being with my gf Savanna Edgell and playing with my puppy.

if you have any questions at all ill answer them next post

Answers to last posts

My email is

No i can not give away the names of the trainers

Yes the hats did show on some of them

Farewell that is all for today


Hello this is the beta surfer,You may know me as Coco,yes not coco with some numbers im not coco7898.

No i am coco the beta here to serve you with the finest Club Penguin Knowledge about betas you can possibally get on the internet.

So please do enjoy




Post #1 Hello and greetings my dearest penguin lovers i am here for some important news on the Beta Hack Crisis

I have surveyed and tried  (at my own risk on a non member newbie pengy called coco3969) 23 trainers,packet sniffers,and beta-makers and heres my findings

1 out of 4 packet sniffers worked and penguins saw the hat and it was in my inventory permanantly (sorry im not gonna disclose the name)

3 out of 14 trainers worked and only one permantly did anything

And the other five…failed


if i wasnt against this and stiff maybe i would give you thee names but

im VERY against all beta hacks hackers scammers and frauds.

i wish i could destroy all these programs.(i deleted all that junk off my pc after i was done)

_______%With Much Love Coco%____________________


78 Responses to Coco’s Beta Surfer

  1. ©Snowy©™ says:

    Welcome to the Team !

  2. Coco says:

    Thnks! 😀

  3. can u tell me the one tht worked perminatly??? email me the one and ummm did othr penguins see it on u?????

  4. i just wanna fool my bro ans get it on camera LOL!

  5. Chase says:

    Nice page!!


  6. adcoco says:

    im sorry i cant tell you guys the name but yes the penguins did see it

  7. omg u gotta puppy!!!!!!! i lovem!:)

    and ummm did the hat stay in the invetory forev and wes like real???
    kuz mine mised the party and alot after.

    ps im only 11!

    Yes it did stay on forever but that thing got banned

  8. i have a rare penguin

  9. oh! it got banned!!! well now im makeing a page for hackin programs tht bann you so cn u tell me kuz so far i got penguin storm 123 and 4 but thrs alot more ! it would help me aot if u told me!

  10. Jedi says:

    I’m a Ninja now! 😀

  11. Yeah I hate fakers, cos if you wanted to be a beta just join the game 3 years ago… beta hats are meant for betas…

  12. yavuzsb says:

    I was managed to see lots of times at dock and lodge

  13. atomic skull says:

    coco i always see you on cp and you never add me and i wish i was you and had the beta hat

  14. agent 57121 says:

    ive lost my buddy! he is called Aayushubunny and hes gone!

  15. atomic skull says:

    hey coco i just met you again and you never add me im atomic skull and please visit my site andif you quit this will probably not happen but can i have your penguin and site is

  16. jimjam1997 says:

    yo coco this is jimjam1997 ive got 12 beta buddys lol and ill come to the party

  17. Billy1bob says:

    hey coco do you haave a chat email me at

  18. Phat fano says:

    So your Coco Ok

  19. atomic skull says:

    do you answer comments im not being mean just do you

  20. Hq Beta says:

    Hey Coco,
    Its Hq Beta! I seen u on Frozen and Sleet. Sometime wanna be buddys?

  21. penbox5 says:

    Whats up Coco it is me pen Do u have any other penguins =)

  22. 59bluecool says:

    wow I am Jedi’s Good Friend to!We Talk on MSN.I think im in the picture of the snow Forts im Monkeydude.the dude with the pink togue.but now that penguin is gone because some1 hacked it onthere email.I couldnt imagine that I was hanging with BETAS and u took a pic and put it on a site!


  23. Pirguy says:


  24. coco my verry rare peng just got hacked and banned forever 😦 im so mad! kuz i was buddys with you fano lux1200 wwe adam and alot of other famous ppl! 😥
    coco tomarrow im haveing a party and i want you to come because then i can re add you on my new penguin Rock Band 09! it would make me happy if you can come!

    where: Server tundra at the dock!
    when: MONDAY! at 4 pm pst!

    i really want ya to come kuz my last party only 1 person came ME! 😦

  25. it was verrrrrry rare my penguin! it had the red lei!

  26. candense says:

    hey u deleted me on CP

    nice page


  27. ©Snowy©™ says:

    This Page is gonna be better than before 8S

  28. im haveing a party today!
    Where: Server Tundra at dock
    When: 4 pm pst!

    some famous ppl will be there!
    and my pnguin name is Rock Band 09 because my others got hacked 😦

    ps. please come!

  29. doggy17z says:

    Doggy17 is having a comment contest!

    the most comments wins a old penguin! with pink bunny ears!

  30. go to here it is awesome!


  32. Hi im haveing a contest on my site! it is awesome!!!! click my name to go to it!

  33. bulky151 says:

    Hi Coco, can you please add me, the times and date are below:

    Date:March 23, 2009

    Time: 6:00 Penguin Standard Time

    Server Frozen


    P.s. We have met before Coco and you wouldn’t add me. 😦

  34. blsuky11 says:

    wow!! cool site coco i love it iam going to check it back every day!!!

  35. tyson says:

    can i have coco

  36. tyson! u idiot! its her penguin and not up for grabs! ur a dumb person for even asking that!

  37. penbox5 says:

    Why did u delete me on cp coco 😦

  38. Pengu1334 says:

    Hi coco I know u I always see u on cp.
    Cya around

  39. stralis33 says:

    i met someone on Frozen caled Garypotter claiming he was u
    then he said Coco was banned!
    is he u????


  40. 1volcano says:

    Coco you were at the beach today i saw you on frozen at the beach

  41. Apom59 says:

    Why ALI had to change his name its was 3 letters the whole thing was on caps and cp made him

  42. Faisal362 aka Whats Up Man says:

    today i got luckey i met 7 betas at the same time 3 of the 7 are my buddys 🙂

  43. waddels23001 says:

    Coco i gotta a question can i join the team?

  44. arrrgh1 says:

    i have a list of people ive seen with the shamrock pin but im not sure their betas:
    coco 🙂
    account 2
    we be buddy

    ps: how old is the red lei? is it rare? when was it given out?

  45. Insida says:

    Hey Coco, What’s Up.
    About Stuartputt,
    I Meet Him About Every Week Lol And We Were Good Friends.
    But About Four Days Ago, He Deleted Me.
    Oh Yeah He’re Is The List Of Betas Ive Met Or Have On My Buddy List!
    Chad (Buddy List)
    Jeremy(Buddy List)
    Sonic X
    “May The Force Be With You, Coco”
    (P.S Im Having A Party Soon, Maybe Even Today, And Im Going To Try To Get A Bunch, I Mean A Bunch, Of Betas To Come. Try To Come Coco And Jimjam.
    (P.S.S I Have Met Habs No 1, And I Said Hello To Him)

  46. INsiDA says:

    Beta party at frozen iceburg right now!
    Gronnie and stuartputt!
    Come There, Coco!

  47. Apom59 says:


  48. accessorycp says:

    Coco is an old friend of mine on Club Penguin……

  49. anthony says:


  50. seanawesomet says:

    HOW did you get you site to be found on the internet????????

  51. Luna234 says:

    haha. umm ya coco i tryed adding you but my whole buddy list thing is messed up. so when u go back on ill try again. =D and ya ill ask jedi to hes cool. hes never gos on though. but this website is sooo cool =D

  52. Luna234 says:

    everyone has th e samrock pin haha i have it to…. i would have been a beta but i didnt get the hat in time =[ ughh

  53. Luna234 says:

    ok well i tryed adding you like a couple days ago. but it didnt work cuz my buddy list has a glitch soo ya. ill try again and i ahve the shamrock pin ugh i would have been a better but i didnt get the hat =/ in time. comment back thanks =]

  54. Speliers100 says:

    actually its true if you think its fake its not when he whent on chat once i added him and tould him to go on club penguin on coco and he did i dont think this site will be updated cause the real coco or the coco who used to post here already quit theres a new owner hes Big Dane aka coco hes very nice he let her best friend go on it so if you see he/she on club penguin say hi to them Waddle On.

  55. Speliers100 says:

    its actually true

  56. tech102 says:

    dude im Tech 102 im in one of youre pictures! plus i mett coco twice already!!

  57. Bengallady7 says:

    one of my sisters friends is called Big red! and im
    little red lol!

  58. ditto230 says:

    hi coco i met you once and i have a bunch of betas on my collection like jedi, screenhog,rsnail,billybob,greenday, and much more and i would really like to meet you on clubpenguin and all those penguin i met they actually asked me to be their buddys so anyway will you meet on cp?

  59. Clubpenguinplanet says:

    I know greenday from

  60. Tech 102 says:

    Dude! i am tech 102 back there in the picture of hobs and coco im reading he newspaper. lol

  61. Kinger38070 says:


  62. LOL says:

    i want the beta hat were do I get it?

  63. Ryanbearsroc says:

    Hey Coco,I Was Wondering If You Ever Get Bored Of Club Penguin Or Want To Give It Away You Can Reach Me Im FamousI Dont Bann And Im Responsible.You Can Get Ahold Of Me At
    thanks your number one fan, Ryanbearsroc

  64. Shinydeoxys says:


  65. Coco says:

    Thnks Guys!

    We are all rocks 🙂

  66. Billy Bob Thornton says:

    Hello guys!

    We need a new team.. ( Purple , White , Black )

    Waddle On!

  67. Oreo Summit says:

    Hey Coco. I just wanted to tell you that there is an Imposter of you who scammed me $30!!!
    ~Oreo Summit~

  68. Hawai3 says:

    Yay!! I HAVE MODERATOR and BETA friends!!




  69. Spazzers100 now P50646424 says:

    Hello Im A Beta To Im On Sub Zero Plz Meet Me On Cp
    Some Time Make A Party And I Will Meet You Thare.

    …Waddle On…

  70. ms yoshi says:

    a, thats not my emil address.
    b, u kno me from yoshi chat. im ur biggest fan
    c, do u kno where nunga is, he wont reply to my txts.

  71. ms yoshi says:

    hi, um coco. can u reply to my comment and tell me a time and date to meet me on yoshi chat plz plz plz. i rlly need to talk to u. it very important.
    ps. i havent seen u on cp lately. wats up?

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