Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission Guides

here are some guides for the Epf missions !( Made by flocktopus )

Here is how to beat Mission 1, “The Mystery Unfolds”

1. Go to the Coffee Shop and Click on the blue puffle.

2. Talk to the shop owner and show him the map piece.

3. Go outside and show the purple penguin the piece.  Then go to the snow forts.

4. Click on the snowman and get another piece of the map.  Then talk to the blue penguin.

5. Click on the blue puffle once, then drag the aimer over the hat.  Click again.

6. Give the hat to the blue penguin.  Then go to the plaza.  Click on the mailbox.

7. You will get another piece of the map.  Then go to the dock and click the tubes for the last map piece.  Put the postcard together and go to the lighthouse.

8.  Click on the barrel in the middle of the room and talk to D.  Then accept joining the EPF.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to complete Mission 2, “Train with Elite Puffles”

1. Talk to D, then click the wall to the right of her until you find a carving.

2.Turn the pin until it fits one of the indentions.  Then walk into the secret entrance.

3. Talk to the director, then talk to PH.  Click on blast, then point the aimer at the crate.  Click again.

4. Go to the Ski Village and talk to Dot.  Then go in the Sports Shop and talk to D again.  Then go into the changing room next to her.

5. Go to the closet and openit by typing 3000.  Then enter the closet.

6. Pick up the two blue parts, then click on them both to put them together.

7.  Break the crate to the left of the table the same way you broke it in the Puffle Training Room.  Then take the part and drag it over your spy gadget.

8.  Click on the new gadget and then click the secret code.  You can exit it after that.

9. Click the strange box and then click RED BLUE BLUE RED RED BLUE to open the box and get another gadget.

10.  Drag the gadget onto your Spy Gadget.  Then click the phone.  Talk to D.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat mission 3 “Rookie on the Rocks”:

1. Talk to Dot, then talk to the sick penguin in the Ski Lodge.  Then go to the Pizza Parlour and click under the tables.

2. Take the container to the sick penguin and give it to him, then take his snowboard and go to the Ski Hill.

3. Put the snowboard on and face the blue team.  Win against him and bring the trophy to the sick penguin.

4. Go down the test track, then follow the footsteps until you see a fire.

5. Put out the fire by using the blue puffle, then go to the river.

6. Talk to Rookie, then call Dot using your EPF Communicator in your Spy Gadget.

7. Wait for the agent, then go to the secret HQ and get your glasses and badge, then talk to the jet pack guy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 4 “Looking for Clues”:

1. Talk to the director, then show the file to both Dot and the jet pack guy.

2. Go to the Sports Shop and show the file to the cashier.  Then take Gary’s glasses.

3. Put on the glasses, then go to the scanner next to the gadget room.

4. Enter the gadget room and take the duster from a drawer, then attach it to your Spy Gadget.

5. Go to the Ski Hill and take out the duster. Then dust off the pile for a key.

6. Go to the Sports Shop and talk to Dot.  Then put the key in the door.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 5 “All’s weld that ends weld”:

1. Talk to PH, then talk to Aunt Arctic in the Town.  Get the postcard, then go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Clean up the spilled beans with the Duster, then get the Coffee Shop owner to sign the card.

3. Get Aunt Arctic to sign the card, then go to the Snow Forts.

4. Get both penguins at the Snow Forts to sign the postcard, then give it to Flare.

5.  Click on Flare, then move the aimer over the key and click again to fix the key.

6. Go to the Sports Shop and open Gary’s door with the key.

7. Click on the maps in G’s room on the Orange Couch, then click the blueprint on the floor.

8. Use your decoder to read the blueprint, then write a note for the other agents using the notepad under the elements table.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 6 “Do it Yourself Carting”:

1. Talk to the yellow penguin in front of the mine, then click on the big bin of water next to the Mine.

2. Go in the shed and take the rope spools and the two pulleys.  Then go outside and add them to the cart.

3. Weld the cart using your black puffle, then put it on the track inside the mine and play.

4.  Click on the overturned cart and talk to G, then use the red puffle to blast the boulder to the right off the cliff.

5. Find the rope and attach it to the overturned cart.

6. Find the balloons and put them over the steam geyser to blow them up.

7.  Attach them to the cart to free Gary, then take the flashlight and attach it to the Spy Gadget.

8. Take out your flashlight and click the tunnel, then spin until the screen lights up.

9. Look for the wooden wall to the right, then bring out the red puffle to knock it down.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 7 “Double Trouble”:

1. Talk to PH, then pick up a bamboo pole from the right side to pop the bubble.

2. Go to the Ice Rink and talk to the goalie.  Then throw snowballs to score a goal with the blue puffle.

3.  Talk to Dot on your communicator, then talk to PH.  After that, click on Loop, then the Jetpack to use your lasso and catch the jetpack.

4. Go to the stage and catch the jackhammer with your lasso.  Then put on a costume and go to the Night Club.

5. Beat the dancer in a dance-off, then go to the Boiler Room.

6. Use the purple puffle to lift the file cabinet, then pick up the oil can and go to the mine.

7. Talk to Dot, then follow her to HQ and talk to the Director.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 8 “Flying High Pitched”:

1. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy and grab a jet pack. Then fly with him to the tallest mountain.

2. Talk to PH, then Click Flit and then bring your aimer over the rings attached to balloons in the sky.  Click again to retrieve them.

3. Bring the rings to PH, then go to the ice block on the left and click on Chirp.  Bring your aimer over the ice block, then click again to shatter it.

4. Hit the ice block one more time with Chirp’s noise and take the hat, then go down to the puffle training room.

5. Use the purple puffle to lift the weight, then use the yellow puffle to shatter the snowglobe.  After that, use the red puffle to hit the pinata, then the pink puffle to stop the jack from bouncing.  Then use the black puffle to heat up the chest and the blue puffle to cool it off.

6. Use the key to open the lock and then use the green puffle to get the scroll.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 9 “Super Secret Gadgets”

1. Talk to the Director and G, then go to G’s room above the Sports Shop.

2. Go to the Coffee Shop, then take the box to the right of the book room sign.

3. Go to the Gadget Room and give G the coffee machine, then click the Snow Trekker and assemble the parts.

4. Click the Snow Trekker symbol on your Spy Gadget and ride the Snow Trekker.  Then Go in the cave and pick up the oil can next to the signs.

5. Use the purple puffle to lift the boulder, then the red puffle to blast away the logs.

6. Go outside and call in your Snow Trekker again.  Then dust off the pile next to the mine worker and take the gadget to G in the Gadget Room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Go to the Night Club and talk to Dot.  Then connect the dots on the blue notebook page.

2. Then go to the Plaza and use the black puffle to weld the ticket booth in place.  After that, look to the left of the Puffle Shop and connect the dots on the blueprint.

3. After that, go to the ice pend behind the Ski Lodge and fish out the paper.  Then connect the dots.

4. Return to the Gadget Room and give G all of the notebook pages.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 11 “Robotomy 101″:

1. Talk to all of the people in the Town, then use your red puffle to blast the boxes away from the door.

2. Use the pink puffle to put a lasso around the robot’s head.

3. Throw snowballs at the robots head with the blue puffle until you hit him. Then follow him to the roof.

4. Throw more snowballs at the robot with the blue puffle until he falls.  Then use the black puffle to weld his wheels so he can’t move.

5. Take the Deactivation Gadget out of your Spy Gadget and click on the robot’s chest.  Then beat the 3 mazes to deactivate him.

6. Take out your purple puffle to blow a bubble around him.  Then click on him and take him to the Gadget Room.

7. Give the robot to G.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 12 “Robots on the Run”:

1. Hit the robot with the red puffle.  Then follow him down the Test Run.

2. Use the pink puffle to lasso the robot.  Then deactivate the robot the same way you did on the first one.

3. Click on the pile of things Rookie used when he got stranded here for the fuel.  Then put the fuel in the jet pack and follow the robots.

4. Put a bubble around the robot with the purple puffle.  Then knock the coffee bag above the other robot with the green puffle.

5. Hit the robot with the yellow puffle’s sound.  After that, deactivate him and put bubbles around them with the purple puffle.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is how to beat Mission 13 “An Agent’s Work is Never Done”:

1. Talk to the Director on your communicator.  Then go to the Gadget Room and talk to Dot.

2. Call in your Snow Trekker.  Then go into the cave.

3. Go to the Gift Shop Roof and use the Duster to tickle the robot’s nose and make him release the red puffle.

4. Use the red puffle to knock the robot into the water.  Then go to the Ski Village.

5. Use the pink puffle to lasso the robot.  Then go to the Beach.

6. Weld the robot with the black puffle.  Then go to the Beacon.

7. Hit the anvil above the robot’s head with the green puffle.  Then follow him with a jet pack.

8. Hit the robot’s jet pack with the blue puffle’s snowball.  Then use the yellow puffle’s noise to break the glass trapping the purple puffle.

9. Hit G with one of the purple puffle’s bubbles.  After that, deactivate the robot.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you may have noticed, I am at the top of the leaderboards for most of the categories under Club Penguin. (To see these get the game and sign up for Dgamer.  Then go to online fun, and then leaderboards.)

I currently have 150,000 coins in the game.  Here is how I got them:

Step 1: Play Cart Surfer. You can get coins in Cart Surfer by doing the same strategy you do in Club Penguin on the Computer.  To see how on the computer, go >>>HERE<<<  The buttons change though, so here is what to press: BACK, A= Backflip.  A, RIGHT/LEFT= Spin, and A, DOWN for Slam.  Usually you can do 6 tricks in each stretch before a turn, so do Backflip, Spin, Backflip, Spin, Backflip, Slam.  If done right, you get a minimum of 450 coins!!!  However, this takes practice.  I still don’t do it completely right.

Step 2: Do the mini-missions. In the game, there are a bunch of missions you can do with the EPF.  When you finish a mission, look on the map.  There will be bubbles with exclaimation marks in them over a certain place.  Go there and find who needs help.  Usually you get coins or an item by completing these.

Step 3: Dance with a partner. When you go to multiplayer, select 2 players and find someone to play with. (Note: You can not use wifi to find somebody)  Then select Minigames and go to the dancing game.  When you get there, have your partner just select up or down.  Do that and rapidly go the direction you guys chose.  You can get up to 1,998 coins per game.  However, whoever loses gets 999 coins.  (I did not use this to get my coins, but if I had it would have gone faster.)


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    On the scarg mission, frist go to plaza, talk to penguin there, then go to iceburg and dust pile of snow. Then give him his jacket. Then go to Ice rink and use chirp o ice covering goal. All I know.

  131. Bob says:


  132. Bob Marley says:

    i need a guide for mission 164 get me it or else.

  133. ACE says:



  134. parker says:

    how do you beat misson 10!

  135. Simran4356 says:

    I can’t get past the second mission. i click the buttons and it keeps saying I’ll come back to it ater. HEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  136. leliza baile says:

    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

  137. leliza baile says:

    Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  138. Rockhopper 4 says:

    What do you do after you beat all 13 missions?!?! It says im at 82%. What do i do?!?

  139. aniandina says:

    omg thanks sooo much this helped me a lot. i am forever in ur cp debt! lol!!! :p

  140. haida says:


  141. Maria says:

    i need help wit a mini mission i cant find the person 4 the dessert pizza. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Maria says:

    Nevermind i found him on the hidden iceberg

  143. Hi, I really have enjoyed your site. Thank You.

  144. Brea says:

    Help me please
    I have tried the cheat to Robotomy 101 but when I am on the roof i can not make him fall

  145. lydia says:

    how exactly do you GET ON THE THE MISSIONS BECAUSE I AM A SECRET AGENT AND I CANNOT GET ON TO THEM!!!!!!!!! please tell me i’ve been looking for ages now.

  146. 12kutie12 says:

    is there a way of telling me how to do the missions that you can find around club penguin

  147. Simran4356 says:

    How am I supposed to press the box????????????????? It keeps saying i will come back to it later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Pony5204 says:

    I finished the whole game! But im stuck on the mini game with the decodeing messages. What happens when i complete all the mini game?

  149. James says:


  150. Sander says:

    Thank you so much!!! i finished the game !!

  151. allison says:

    i really nead mission 9 at the mine shack

  152. Adriana says:

    Hey, I can’t beat mission 12! I don’t know why, but I can’t deactivate the robot. I just can’t move the little battery thing through the maze. I asked my parents, but they didn’t have any idea. What should I do? I’m stuck in mission 12!

  153. Adriana says:

    SOMEONE HELP ME IN MISSION 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Adriana says:

    I can’t do the mixed up pizzas mission I can’t find that coin counting penguin anywhere!

  155. Haley says:

    ok, I finished the whole game in one day, but now what do I do? Just play the mini games? Gahh I wish there were more than 13 missions!!!!!

  156. marc says:

    thnx it helped me complete it unda 2hrs i really apreciate all your help 🙂

  157. Eve says:


  158. mack-attack says:

    I just finished mission 13 and then helped all the penguins on the island, then won all the games, and i only have 71 percent. I still can’t figure out what to do next! Just play? That would be weird. PLEASE HELP!

  159. ellie says:

    how do you do questions for a crab gs secret mission

  160. Beverly says:

    can u plz email me the walkthrough for mission 11?im stuck on the part when the wheel-bots are on the roof.

  161. Victoria says:

    U ALL, IM DONE WITHOUT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT YOUR WEBSITE IS NICE.YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. anna says:

    i finished the game but it says i only had 74% completed… i don’t get it… what am i doing wrong?

    Snowbossi: Get all Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal in each mini game

  163. anna says:

    i finished the game and it said i only finished 74% . why?

  164. hollie says:

    i cant get the green puffle to catch the anil ! how ?

  165. Flapyy says:

    I’m on mission 13, but i still have the first badge and it won’t let me start! What’s happened?

  166. This is the most thorough and informative information I have found. I really enjoyed it.

  167. mak768 says:

    I have finished all the missions but now what do i do i,m stuck.

  168. victory says:

    im on 74%. i don’t know how to do another missin

  169. victory says:

    i’m on 74%. what do i do next someone please help

  170. victory says:

    Flappy thats whats happening to me. i’m thinking of starting over.i am going crazy over here.

  171. victory says:

    hollie pres the green puffle and click the anil. The green puffle will get it

  172. shae says:

    how do you get to the river in level 3? once you put out the fire?

  173. Nawal says:

    on mission 4 wich spy gadget

  174. sponge bob hates this website says:

    are you kidding me? On level 10 cn you explain that a little more?I did everything it said and didnt work!!! 😦

  175. Skyhill1 says:

    my comunicator thingy wont ring on before mission 13 Help!!!!!!!! I am so confused!!!!!!

  176. Skyhill1 says:

    how do you get the super power flashlight to go in to the stage?

  177. i love CP says:

    I finished all the missions, but I’m only 71 percent done. What do I do? Pease help if you can!! Thanks!!!

  178. i dont get how to knock the coffe beans says:

    i dont get how to knock the coffe beans on the robots head olease tell

  179. hi says:

    is there a mission 14?

  180. Sarah says:

    i keep trying to hit the anvil above the robots head in mission 13 but the green puffle doesn’t fly up there

  181. Leanne says:

    i have finished all the missions and there are other missions after that and im stuck on one. can you download a step by step thing for the pizza mission? much preciated thx 🙂

  182. Katie says:

    If you whant the green puffle to hit the anvil you hav 2 hit it right you hav 2 hit the bloon i cant remember if that dosen work try the anvil it self soz if it dosent work i hav finished it and i lov club penguin ds:P

  183. Lukes0404 says:

    im stuck on the mini mission caus and effect

  184. shanty3300 says:

    just beet the game if need help i will choes one person every day to help them if need just say help shanty3300 and i will help one of you a day so don’t get mad becuse i dint pick u i will tomorow ok. coment back if need help ok!!

  185. em says:

    i cant get Flit to hit the anvil!! wats rong???

  186. cole says:

    If you need help i can help you if i haven’t finished the mission you need help on i will soon.when you are down typing put 3 Capital C’s so i know you need help

  187. cole says:

    Snow Bossi are you there

  188. cole says:

    if you need help on the pizza mission i know 3 orders one person is at he lighhouse one is in the sewage pipe that leads to the underground pool and ones at the mine if you find the last person add it under my comment

  189. cole says:

    if you need help on the pizza mission i know 3 orders one person is at he lighthouse one is in the sewage pipe that leads to the underground pool and ones at the mine if you find the last person add it under my comment

  190. dawson says:

    i need help what do you do after you beat the ALL missions

  191. Jack says:

    Your the best thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  192. anonimo says:

    I’m with 900,000 coins in the game for ds and 2,000,000 for the pc

  193. Monica says:

    how can i put the lasso on the robot’s head?! is going crazy!! my pink puffle doesnt want to put the lasso!!

  194. Lucas says:

    I need help on how to become an EPF agent

  195. fire399 says:

    I don’t have the blue puffle on mission 13! How are you supposed to get the blue puffle?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. elizabeth says:

    my puffles won’t do what i tell them!!i try to get the pink puffle to use the lasso around the wheel bot’s head in mission 11, but all it does is shake it’s head!

  197. jasper17542 says:

    thanks now i finished the whole game

  198. monkey1411 says:

    HELP!!!! What do I do now that I completed mission 13

  199. rockingdude says:

    i all ready beat all the missions expect the downloaded 1 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply PLZ!!!!!!!

  200. rockingdude says:


  201. john says:

    where is the coin counting penguin on pizza order mix-up

  202. HelloKittyFan17 says:

    I have just completed all the missions. Now what????Thanks xxxx

  203. bobi says:

    What about herbert’s revenge????

  204. bubbles says:

    how do u complete mission 4?

  205. Isabela says:

    I have done all the missions and all the mini missions ( You know if there is an exclamation mark ) But I cant solve the one where you and the brown penguin look for tracks.

  206. cp rocks says:

    misson ten please i do not know were o put the pizzas or were to return the scarf. fyi for the pepeol that do not know what a sy gaget is it is the ds thingy in the corrner

  207. cp rocks says:

    the spy gagaet is theds in the cornner

  208. boogie says:

    i dont part 5 of mission 5

  209. moore says:

    i need to know when u are at 88 % how do u beat the rest of the game

  210. Hannah says:

    I got past the hole thing! Lucky me! I just went 2 a site to learn how I went to diferent ones though and forgot the name of the sites.

  211. Hannah says:

    I love this game!!! ❤ 8) :* (^^^)

  212. Mercedes says:

    I already passed all the missions but how do you find the owner of the red scarf!!!!!!

  213. Mercedes says:

    But this is the same info i got i wonder if i could do this lol xxx

  214. ally says:

    i need help on finding the coin person on mixed up pizza orders. email me if u know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. yeaboi says:

    i feel like chicken tonight

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