Ask Away Snowbossi

Ask all your stuff .

Such as

  • Question: How do you make animations ?
  • Answer: Camtasia Studio 5
  • So..Ask Away

    I can answer all you questions ! Almost all :DD


    68 Responses to Ask Away Snowbossi

    1. cooltom199 (not logged in) says:

      U make header with Camtasia Studio 5 aswell?

      Snowbossi : No , I do it with Adobe Photoshop CS3

    2. cooltom199 (not logged in) says:

      Snowbossi email me the serial code for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended 10.1 cos i won the contest, email

    3. brolyss10 says:

      Please give me the way of walkin on walls, at my e-mail:

    4. vinasa says:

      hey plz visit my site and tell me how to make a banner like urs

    5. vinasa says:

      hey can u plz send my how to make a blog header with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and from were to download Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the name of ur blog temple i mean theme plz tell me all the answers of my questions send it to and send it now plz

    6. blupichu5678 says:

      How can you get more hits

    7. ALVICK says:

      how you walk on walls

    8. razzerhawk says:

      snowbossi, do you have aim?

      Snowbossi: Yes , it is : cpsnowbossicp

    9. nicepuppy9 says:

      hi i’m nicepuppy9 and i’m a girl,
      I just wanted to ask if you would like to visit my website.
      It’s about club penguin cheats and i REALLY think that this site is REALLY cool.

      Please comment on my site!

    10. chasey12345 says:

      do you aswell takes some passwords and use them or just leave them

    11. jammie1000 says:

      my penguin called jammie1000 im a girl aswell and i thought you might want to meet me on cp!!!

    12. coolzone says:

      What’s this theme called?
      please reply

      cool zone

      Snowbossi: Shocking Blue Green

    13. flamethrow2 says:

      snowbossi can i be as editor on you blog of admin plz my email plz add me

    14. cutiecat27 says:

      thanks for answering my question! 🙂

    15. cutiecat27 says:

      ok i gotta another question: can u use hypercam2??? if its a yes how to i put it on my site??

    16. Timbiter says:

      When did penguins get thoughs green triangularshades? I would like to know because they are cool.
      -Timbiter, The Night Club Climber.

    17. Jessie says: please send a code for a prize to this email address please not used . thanks alot!! former penguin dapperlove16

    18. Jessie says:

      Thanks you rock for being so helpful please write back to my email!!!! you rock!!!!

    19. Blueypaluey2 says:

      snowbossi can you give me your password and E-mail me at
      pls reply

    20. chengyong says:

      umm…. dude i have many question to ask you.
      can you add a picture to our site comment box?
      note:same picture like yours

    21. chengyong says:

      kk i am zengrong and the comment above this comment is also comment by me!
      how to make widget with googlepages?
      note:answer me by email to my email:

    22. chengyong says:

      and snow i think you know me, you are author in my site!

    23. chengyong says:

      umm………snow plz send me a background images example: blue tunder background
      give me the background link by email me!

    24. chengyong says:

      if you don’t know wat i am talking about tell me wat you don’t know 😀

    25. Madison says:

      Can you give me some codes for (unlock items) e-mail me please!
      P.S walk on snow

    26. chengyong says:

      i mean CS4

    27. Blueicedude says:

      snowbossi, can you get famous without making vids? if you can, how?

    28. Zengrong on another Computer says:

      hey snow i am Zengrong,on another computer,how you get so many peoples to your site
      note:you must reply to my question

    29. chinoo123 says:

      hey snowbossi i met you at frozen just now i live in singapore and i met you at 8:10 my penguin was runuld and you buddy me that is soo cool

    30. sammy9435 says:

      When did you make this site?

    31. cutipi1764 says:

      Hi I have a questoin about the club penguin Ds game, I have been trying to figure this out sice Christmas how do you find the owner of that red scarf I looked all around and cant find the owner anywhere so please help me as soon as possible thankz!

    32. hana says:

      hi snowbossi can you tell me youur adress please i want to talt with you for something tell me your adress my addres is

    33. hana says:

      do you have a member penguin

    34. Sportace says:

      hey snow can you add us to your blogroll if you add us we’ll add you.

    35. neelmay26 says:

      cp trainer beta 4 password

    36. neelmay26 says:

      what is the cp trainer beta 4 password

    37. neelmay26 says:

      cp trainer beta 4 password

    38. dojo boss 1 says:

      what is the password for cp trainer beta 4

    39. Lunar Lilo 6 says:

      Hey snowbossi. I’m a big fan. I was wondering if you could check out my site and tell me what you think about it. I am really passionate for my site and I need more viewers. It really has potential but I need to get the word out so check it out. Here is the link

    40. Lunar Lilo 6 says:

      P.S. How do you take pictures of clubpenguin? For fREE. AND IF ITS NOT FOR FREE WHAT SOFTWARE?

    41. Lunar Lilo 6 says:

      P.P.S. How do you type directly in the widget? ya know. Put banners and cool stuff like that.

    42. cooco9 says:

      Hey snowbossi. If Zengrong hacked you then why is he on your blogroll?

    43. abdullahhhh says:

      How did you first feel like when u first started blogging? Who helped you?

    44. Wilberd says:

      Could you please visit my site at


      ~Agent Wilberd

    45. Yanksrule14 says:


    46. Yanksrule14 says:


    47. Yanksrule14 says:

      Sorry Snowbossi,i will stop

    48. Ripe red ham says:

      can you give me a toy code?

    49. Bibblescupid says:

      Hey snowbossi, how old are ur penguin plz told me!!!


    50. Brown Stan says:

      do you know how to make your own multiplayer game? i really want to make one!

    51. Apom59 says:

      can you add me to your blogroll i want my site to become famous and i started it february 28 2009 please acept!!!!

    52. CHICHI says:

      i wat to contrib whit A Rare Non-member penguin

    53. Mirror156 says:

      Hey snowbossi! i was wondering if i could meet you! im always on the husky server. so please comment back!!!!

    54. zappertv says:

      Snow aernt you Snowdobby? jw

    55. faisal362 says:

      can i have a coincode?

    56. j0sh95 says:

      i was wondering if i can use the pictures for the better igloos cheats.
      email me at

    57. Xdamex says:

      hello Snowbossi I have a question how to you make your own customized commenting box like the one I am typing in now?
      P.S. Plaese reply

    58. I should say that has lots of interesting information. Looks like the author did a good job. I will be coming back to for new information. Thank you.

    59. Blueicedude says:

      Snowbossi, how did you get so many views? did you advertise and if you did how did you advertise? Please write back.


    60. Caley says:

      Hey I can’t get through minimissions to save my life. any chance you could help??

    61. smile! says:

      heyy i need to ask how old r u? and what grade are u in? im 13.

    62. samantha says:

      snow bossie please delet my account on this website it is almost banned forever please please delete it from the website it is lookb6 please please i beg u

    63. mathmaster77 says:

      What is so good about donating on coins for a change?

    64. abby says:

      weres is rock hopper email me when uu find him and im lokking for him on sept 5th 2009 email me every time rh is on

    65. pengy40772 says:

      I am a WordPress website owner and i just need a Club penguin effect to it, This might be freaky but how do you make your own penguin tracker AND How do you take pictures! I REALLY WANT TO KNOW

    66. poke pals67 says:

      i use castamia 5 studio its the best meet me on server bobsled 7pm pst at my iggy i will add it to the map and at me:D

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