Were coming back!

Hey penguins!You might not know me,I’m Chaldoshorty.The main owner,snowbossi.Hired me.hey.jpg picture by HerodudezI’ll be posting all the Clubpenguin updates on this site from now on.And also on my blog, clubpenguinus.tk .Thanks for reading my first post.


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Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Cheats 2010

The  Club Penguin Mountain Expedition 2010 has begun, and we have Mountain Expedition Cheats ready for you! To begin, go to the Ski Village.

In the first room, everyone can pick up a Chilly Trek Hat, even non-members.  although after this, only members will be able to continue throughout the rest of the expedition.

Chilly Trek Hat

If you want Club Penguin Members can also choose to buy “gears,” which are useless throughout the expedition.

Expedition Gears

Here’s a video of the entire expedition. The written guide is below, if you prefer that instead.

In the first puzzle, you will have to get the icicles to disappear. In my opinion, this is very tough, so I will show you how to get through this puzzle. I have given each one of the icicles a number, and click the icicles in the following order: 3, 6, 1, 8, 4, 7, 2, 5

Icicle Guide

Congratulations! You have completed the icicle puzzle, so continue on.

Icicles Puzzle

You will enter the camp. Keep on walking.

Camping Area

Afterward, click on the green leaves to clear the snow.

Green Leaf

Once the snow has been swept away, use the ax to cut down the tree.

Ax Cut

After the tree has been cut, throw snowballs at the Icicles to make the tree fly up into the sky. The tree will make a road to the top, which will be on the right side of your screen.

Wood Road

Congratulations! You have reached the top! You will receive a free Red Flag :)

Expedition Final

To get a free background, click on the camera, and you will receive a free “Top of the Mountain” background.

Top of the Mountain Background

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Reviewed By You – Mountain Climbing Challenges

Lots of you penguins out there are really getting excited for the Mountain Expedition which is starting this Friday. Last week the Club Penguin Team asked what challenges you thought you’d face on your way to the top and “Dry Ice124” said

I always love new things on Club Penguin. I also love exploring new things. I’m going to love the mountain exploration. I wish there would be challenges to face and solve for the event. Maybe like saving or helping other penguins on the mountain or exploring new parts and places of the mountain like a cave or a tunnel! There’s going to be a lot of exploration and adventure! I’m so excited!!

This week the Club Penguin team would like to know what you think about igloos, and which one you like. Leave a comemnt and let us know which one you like the best.

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Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Construction

Hey Guys, The Mountain expedition is coming soon and the ski village and only the ski village has been edited with some construction boxes, Which means everything must be happening from the ski village. Take a look:

The big mountain has gotta be that mountain in the background. We will just have to wait and seen, but I cant wait for the expedition.


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Club Penguin Community Tree Plants Fly Away!?!

Hey Guys, Today my awesome friend Lizard Monkey told me about something strange that is missing at the mine shack. The community tree normally has plants at the bottom. But now they have gone! :O

Strange, Maybe blue ducky stole them while flying to the island :O Or maybe they grew wings and flew away, Haha. What do you think happened?


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New Club Penguin Penguin Style Cheats

Hey Guys, Today Club Penguin released a brand new Penguin style catalog, It pretty awesome…Theres a blue duck and new customize shirt patterns and a new colour! So heres the cheats:

Click The Highlighted part of the mountain for the Green Hiking boots.
Click the blue highlighted flipper for the lasso.

Click The Highlighted part of the tree for the BLUE DUCK :D
Click the brown penguins eye for some more hiking gear.

Click the highlighted part of the tree for the 3D-Glasses

Click the red highlighted part of the speakers for the Supernova suit.
Click the green highlighted part of the speaker for The rocker wig.
Click the blue highlighted part of the speaker for Blue Sunglasses.

Click the red highlighted part of the speaker for the Purple Electric Bass.
Click the green highlighted part of the piano for the Red Sunglasses.

Click the mushroomy looking shape in the mask for the Trompone.

The New catalog is awesome. I love the blue duck right? It beats the yellow and green duck by a mile. Comment your thoughts on this new Penguin style.


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New Mountain Expedition Login Screen

Hey Guys, Today Club Penguin Updated…After a 3 hour wait. They brought a new login screen with it which relates to the Mountain expedition which is coming soon!

As you can see kinda theres a back bar click that to learn more about the Mountain Expedition. I cant wait can you?


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